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Would it be at all possible for this to be played without the VR aspect but still maintaining the leap motion controls?

I am a middle school (after school) teacher who would love to use a program like this to allow my students to orbit and zoom into object (like carbon atoms and fossil) while standing in front of a large TV instead of wearing a VR headset. 

Any thoughts?

Made the choice between Unity and Unreal some time ago (similar comparison between RTF and Word). I'm looking to pull CAD models of specific industry standard hardware into Unreal and use LeapMotion to access (push buttons, lift lids, remove items from, etc.) the models for demonstration purposes.

Any chance you might look into Unreal in the near future?

Well, I just learned how to use unity this past month, I can't imagine it would be more difficult to learn Unreal as well. :)

But yes, I do want to explore that platform as well to see which would work better for this type of application. A long term goal would be to have an application that can directly link to a program such as SolidWorks and dynamically pull the current model into the VR application. (Very long term goal)

Is there a particular reason you want to see this in Unreal? Might help to motivate me to look into that platform quicker.

I'm seeing only C# and Unity references throughout your docs ... any chance you have a demo of this for Unreal?

I'm afraid not. I only just learned how to use unity this past month. Haven't even touched Unreal yet.

Note that this project has an issue with a small number of Leap Motion Controllers (due to a bug in the Unity assets), more info and details on how to address can be found here:

Thanks for the heads up Kip! I've updated the program per your link.